Why Did Ukraine Withdraw from Eurovision? Who’s Right?

The number of countries to compete in 2019 Eurovision fell to 41. The crisis that started when Maruv refused to sign the agreement with the public broadcaster of Ukraine, after winning the national final, ended with the country’s withdrawal altogether.

Broadcaster’s statements made after the crisis, sounded like the regular mumbo jumbo that comes out of politicians mouth. So, we don’t find it worthy enough to make comments about it. If we have to summarize the situation, the broadcaster wanted Maruv to sign an agreement which would turn her into a puppet that will carry their political messages, and the singer basically rejected being part of their plans.

Maruv said in a statement: I’m not ready to address people with slogans and turn my participation in the contest into a promotion opportunity for our politicians. I’m a musician, not a tool for the political arena.

We don’t know the details of the agreement they offered to Maruv, but as Freedom Jazz and KAZKA, who finished second and third in the national final, also refused to sign it, it only proves Maruv’s decision was a good one. After all the artists rejected the opportunity, Ukraine declared their withdrawal from the contest.

Even though this is bad news for Eurovision fans who loved the songs of Ukraine in the past, we think the singers did the right thing by refusing an agreement that didn’t respect their freedom of speech.

We hope that in the coming years, Ukraine will be able to keep politics out of the competition, and understand that they can not force any political views on their representatives.

In the meantime, what Jamala did during the national finals to put Maruv in a difficult situation was a disgrace to say the least. She asked her “if Crimea is in Ukraine?” Seriously Jamala, what was that? What’s that got to do with the Eurovision.

(To the Broadcaster) If the singer’s views on political issues were that important, why organize the national finals and bother people with Televoting at all? Just interview the candidates behind closed doors and pick one who agrees with you.

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