This Song Will be the Winner of Eurovision 2019? – Best Songs from National Finals

We obviously can’t say if its going to win next year’s Eurovision 😉 It’s a prediction that can’t be made at this early stage of national pre-selections. However, you just heard the song that we liked the most from national finals so far. There are a few good songs from France this year, but Battista Acquaviva, who attracted a lot of attention in the French version of “The Voice”, is our favourite.

We think If combined with a good stage performance, “Passio” is the only song from France that has the potential to win the Eurovision.

Although not one of our favourites, we won’t be surprised if Bilal Hassani becomes the choice of France. Bilal, who reminds us of Conchita with his style, is receiving a lot of attention and lots of YouTube views.

The aim of this video is not to guess the songs that the countries will choose for the contest, but only to share our favourites with you.

Before moving on to our favourites, we want to remind you that Ktheju Tokës by Jonida Maliqi is the only song that is definitely going to Tel Aviv. Albania, as they always do, has chosen their Eurovision song quite early and started to wait for the contest.

Other than that, many singers across Europe are in a race to earn that final spot to represent their countries. And we, as Eurovision fans are watching closely as the songs get revealed.

Looking at pre-selections, it looks like Estonia will be missing Elina Nechayeva’s exquisite performance this year. Compared to last year, we are also a little disappointed with Czech Republic, Latvia and Hungary. Our opinions may dramatically change in the coming months as we are yet to see how these acts will perform when they step on stage. Last year’s sensation Eleni Foureira wasn’t one of our favourites before the competition. But after her semi final performance, she instantly became our number one favourite to win it.

After all, Eurovision is one of the biggest shows on the planet, and these early comments may not make much sense, once the contestants make their appearance at the grand final.

And now here are the songs that we like the most from the national finals so far this year. Use the comments section to share your favourite songs with us. Enjoy!

Thank you for watching. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. See you in the next video.

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