Review: BumbleBee / Striking Similarity with E.T. – What’s next for Transformers

Bumblebee is a movie, which at first glance, appeared to be just a side story of the main transformers series. Before the movie, we thought we were going to see a story about the origin of Bumblebee. But as the credits were rolling, it was obvious to us, that there were all kinds of intentions to reboot the franchise. It is clear that the huge success of the Marvel cinematic universe, has left quite an impression on Transformers producers. If Bumblebee does well at the box-office, it seems the series is heading for a new direction.

The Transformers series which started in 2007, was never the critics’ favourite. And Mindless Action that’s not backed with a strong story was the biggest reason for it. Unlike the previous 5 films, which followed the “more robots equals more action” approach, Bumblebee has managed to strike a balance between action and a good story.

Bumblebee is the second directing experience of Travis Knight. Knight’s first movie was Kubo and the Two Strings which was an animation that was made with stop-motion technique.

Author Christina Hodson has created a strong and emotional story by complying with the traditional screenwriting techniques. However, there is a major problem here. There is nothing new about this good and emotional story. Had E.T. never been filmed, we would probably be praising this movie to the skies. But at times it felt like the robot version of E.T., which was a film that invented the “friendly alien” concept. Bumblebee’s friendship with Charlie reminded us of E.T.’s friendship with the kids.

Nevertheless, if you like these kind of movies, and especially the transformers, don’t miss Bumblebee. After all, even if there are many clichés, it’s not bad that it resembles one of the best science fiction films of all time. Actually, we were quite amused by the fact that Bumblebee, which is essentially a war machine, turned into a cute robot at times.

The films similarity to E.T. is quite obvious!

Although we enjoyed the film, there is one more issue we would like to talk about here. In general, we liked the acting and characters. Thanks to Christina Hodson’s script, they were all very believable. Our only criticism is for John Cena’s character Agent Burns. This is not a knock on John Cena’s acting, but his character was the most confused one of the film. At times we felt like he came straight from an American B movie. Something we like is that Bumblebee reminded us of the cartoon series from the 80s, rather than the recent Transformers films that started in 2007. It looks like If Bumblebee succeeds at the box office, the whole transformers story will be re-written, as the storyline of the first transformers film from 2007 has been altered in this one. In the films directed by Michael Bay, the transformers did not come to earth until 2007. But according to Bumblebee, the Autobots reached the earth in 1987. It is obvious that after surpassing the billion-dollar mark in previous instalments, producers weren’t happy with the performance of last film which made $600 million dollars, and this made them want to recreate the franchise. Both the name and the story of the film, are signs that more origin stories are planned for other Autobots, especially Optimus Prime.

Overall, it’s the best Transformers movie to date and this is our score for it: 7.0

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