Mission: Impossible Fallout – Your Mission: Watch This Movie Now

Yes, as we mentioned in the title, if you like action films, you must see this movie. But we have to add that you might get a little confused if you didn’t see the 5th movie. Because for the first time ever in this franchise, a movie is a continuation of a previous title. While all of the previous films had independent main stories, MI6 follows the main story that started in MI5. It wouldn’t be extreme if we called this film, Mission Impossible 5: Part 2.

The story of Fallout will be more meaningful if you saw all the previous movies as there are references to earlier instalments. If you saw none of them, we suggest you to at least watch the 5th movie to get a better understanding of this film.

So let’s talk about the story. It becomes complicated at times, but, when all is said and done, everything becomes very clear. The story of Mission Impossible Fallout is deeper than all the previous instalments, thanks to the decision of expanding the great story of MI5. This allows room for character development like never before.

To avoid spoilers we won’t get into details, but the most satisfying aspect about this film’s story, is that it provides answers to some of the questions we had after the first 5 films. We may do another video after the screening is over, but Mission Impossible Fallout has a great conclusion, that along the way, fills the plot holes of earlier entries and links all the previous films together.

There are no signature scenes in Fallout such as the skyscraper climbing scene from Ghost Protocol or the underwater scene from Rogue Nation, but that’s because the movie as a whole is the signature entry of the Mission Impossible franchise.

Although some of the action scenes are predictable, they are very well planned and supported with good music, you are sure to be on the edge of your seat for the entire movie.

Two and a half hours long runtime could be a deterring factor for some moviegoers, but rest assured it’s an experience so thrilling, that you won’t understand how the time passed.

In the movie, there are multiple references to Hunt’s previous adventures. Among them, the one to Mission Impossible 2 was the most obvious.

If you are going to watch a Mission Impossible movie, it means you are ready for some hard to believe and impossible scenes. Minor spoiler ahead! So skip about 20 seconds if you want to avoid it. The scene at the end of this film is probably one of the most unbelievable scenes of the franchise. The interesting thing about this scene is that it’s logic is supported by the reference to MI2, a movie which is usually regarded as the least favourite entry in the series. MI2 was the movie where Ethan Hunt showcased his insane climbing skills for the first time, and they sure come in handy in Fallout. We recommend that you don’t question the logic much and enjoy this spectacular action movie for what it is.

Let’s talk about the actors a bit: It’s hard not to admire Tom Cruise’s work ethic and discipline. Despite his age, his natural and energetic performance in action scenes proves that he has still got it. It was amazing to find out that many scenes we thought were green screen, were actually shot the traditional way and he actually did even the most dangerous stunts himself. The fact that he learned how to fly a helicopter for this film tells a lot about him.

Rebecca Ferguson was the most remarkable female lead in the series before this film and it’s no surprise she is back in this movie as an essential character in the new storyline. She has a great on-screen chemistry with Tom Cruise, plus, she is a match made in heaven for Hunt.

After the last 2 films we were just starting to like William Brandt, the character played by Jeremy Renner and we sure felt his absence in this movie. His absence had also caught our attention in Avengers Infinity War a few months ago. After doing some research, we found out that his commitments to Marvel films and bad timing was the reason for his absence.

We were happy to see Solomon Lane again. Played by Sean Harris, he was our favourite villain in the franchise, and we feel his chess like battle with Ethan Hunt, where they always try to think a few moves ahead, will not be over here.

A few words about movie’s visuals and locations; In addition to London, which has become a regular location for Mission Impossible films, the city of Paris also plays an important part here, appearing in all its glory. However, leaving these traditional venues aside, we especially like the scenes that were shot in New Zealand. Filming also took place in Norway and United Arab Emirates.

Another subject you are probably wondering is whether there is a post credits scene, at the end of Mission Impossible Fallout. In recent years, fans have come to expect one or more extra scenes during or after the credits. These scenes, which may occasionally include clues for the next film, also reward patient viewers with an additional or alternative ending. The answer is: “no, this movie does not have a post credits scene” and the scene before the credits, is the last scene of the movie. So once the credits start rolling, there is no reason for you to stay, unless you like watching the credits while listening to some good soundtrack music.

If you were expecting a post credits scene hinting a 7th movie, you won’t find that. But don’t worry, this one was so good, we can definitely see another one happening.

Long story short, Mission Impossible Fallout is the best film of the series. It has everything we can expect from secret agent and espionage movies. When it comes to secret service films, James Bond franchise is the pinnacle of the genre. However with this film, Ethan Hunt seems to have dethroned the king and Bond has a mountain to climb if he wants to beat Hunt and get his throne back. Mission Impossible Fallout will probably be the best action movie you will see this year.

We are done with the review, and as of July 2018, our rating for this movie will be higher than the IMDB average: 9.2

If you saw this film, let us know what you think in the comments section. See you in the next video and bye for now!

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